Cloud Storage Drawing Concept and Data Archiving

Benefits and Drawbacks of Data Archiving With the Cloud

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Cloud Storage Drawing Concept and Data Archiving

Data Archiving: The Pros and Cons of Cloud Storage

The cloud can be an intimidating venue for data archiving. Dependability and security are a primary concern, and many are not sure whether or not cloud storage is a viable option for their archives.

Data growth has reached exponential heights and has become a problem for many, making it more difficult to backup data, harder to recover, harder to test backup data and introduces a host of new challenges.

The data overload can have an extremely negative effect on server performance as old, inactive or unnecessary data eats away valuable resources. The obvious solution to some may be to delete said files, but a key principle of data archiving is to keep your files accessible in the event that you need to retrieve them.

Cloud Storage: Data Archiving Solution

Cloud storage can prove to be extremely useful in these complex situations. Many different cloud service providers will back up company data on a regular basis, copying only block level incremental changes for maximum efficiency. Backing up on the cloud for data archiving will allow your files and history to be preserved, long term and retrieved in the event that access is needed.

Cloud Storage: Drawbacks

Two things that make people apprehensive about data archiving with the cloud are the ambiguity about security from hackers and the inability to access data in the absence of Internet connection.

Security and Protection

When it comes to security, Internet reliability is an important aspect to consider. Make sure to ask questions about Internet protection when shopping for the right cloud service provider. If you have sensitive information stored in your files, you’ll need to ensure that your data archives will have optimal security.

Internet Access

The inability to retrieve files in the event that you don’t have an Internet connection is another reason that having more than one copy and location is key for your data archiving. The cloud is excellent for quick retrieval and access on a regular basis, but in the event that your cloud is going through stormy skies, having another physical location to pull from is crucial.

ProStorage and Data Archiving

Enter ProStorage. The physical storage for your data archiving on external hard drives can be safely stored in our carefully crafted hard drive cases. ProStorage cases are made of anti-static foam that your hard disk drives fit cozily into, which will shield them from exterior variables that could compromise your data. ProStorage hard drive foam fits comfortably in a standard filing cabinet drawer or a file box. Not to mention, each hard drive foam holds 18-24 external hard drives, which is more than most competitors.

Data archiving on the cloud can be truly beneficial, easy and save you money. The important things to remember is to shop around to find the right Cloud service for your security needs, and to always have another location for your data archiving. Treat the cloud like an additional, easily accessible archive, and you will likely love it.