Use ProStorage hard drive boxes to store old cassette tapes

Creative Ways To Use ProStorage Hard Drive Cases

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Use ProStorage hard drive boxes to store old cassette tapes

Alternative Uses for ProStorage Hard Drive Storage Cases

ProStorage cases work wonders for storing, organizing, and protecting your bare hard drives, LaCie Orange Rugged drives, and RAID Sleds, but what other useful purposes could they serve? The anti-static foam and individualized slots make the hard drive storage cases great for multiple other uses. There are plenty of creative ways you could utilize your ProStorage cases for other valuable items to wish to store safely.

Music Tape Storage

Are you a collector of old music tapes? You know, the ones back before we had CDs and MP3s, that if you didn’t handle correctly the thin tape would go spewing everywhere and take you an hour or so to carefully rewind it back on? Obviously, these tapes are delicate, and any nostalgic collector would love the anti-static foam cases to both protect and organize their music collection. The cases are lightweight but durable with a protective lid to help keep out dust and other environmental elements and will fit in most filing cabinets or banker’s boxes. Don’t toss all your cassettes in a box when you can archive them neatly in a ProStorage case and save yourself hours of searching.

Collectible Cards Storage

Most people who collect cards, be it baseball, basketball, or gaming cards, already do their best to protect them. However, those giant card albums can get bulky and hard to store. Placing your cards in a ProStorage foam case will not only provide additional protection from environmental elements but will provide a great and much more compact storage system. Why have stacks of clunky albums taking up space on a bookshelf when you have them neatly archived in boxes or filing cabinets?

Organizer for Household Items

Organization is a key benefit of using ProStorage hard drive foam cases. Although meant as hard drive storage, you can use them for any important household items that need to arranged and stored properly. Are you a type A personality who enjoys having your things neat and organized? Do you like to arrange and classify everything from utensils to sticky notes? ProStorage cases can be handy for storing and organizing a number of things, be it recipe cards, photos, camera memory cards, hair accessories, anything you can think of! If you have small, compact items – particularly electronic items – in need of protection and a good storage system, these cases might be the answer for you.

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