Hard Drive Accessories to Help you Archive

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Hard Drive Accessories to Add to your Wish List


The market today is flooded with accessories to make storing your data easier. Below are some items you might need to add to your wish list for your archive!

Tether Tools Aero XDC

This attachment to the also worthy of mention Tether Table can help keep you organized on the go. The Tether Table – a portable tripod stand for your laptop, is a great computer accessory for photographers, videographers, or anyone charged with using digital media on the go. The Aero XDC allows space for an external hard drive to be mounted below your Tether Table. This will give you the space you need, both physically and digitally to get your job done comfortably and efficiently.

Corsair’s SSD and Hard Disk Drive Cloning Kit

Ready to move on to bigger and better hard drives? This hard drive accessory makes moving your data to a new drive extremely simple. The USB 3.0 to SATA adapter cable allows you to directly connect your old hard drive to a USB port. The included software will copy your drive to the new drive seamlessly, even allowing you to skip installing operating systems and applications on your new hardware.

CRU-DataPort’s Drive eRazer Ultra

This hard drive accessory cleans and sanitizes SATA and IDE drives so that they are ready for reuse.  Clean used drives and make them useful again with this stand-alone drive eraser. With preset erase procedures, cleaning your drive has never been easier.

ProStorage Anti-Static Protective Case

Image Mechanics has created a great hard drive accessory for data archiving. The ProStorage hard drive cases are an excellent option for storing loose internal hard drives in a safe and organized manner.  Label hard drives for easy accessibility from the top of the anti-static foam slots, in which your SSD or HDD hard drives fit perfectly.  Even better, the ProStorage hard drive cases come in two different sizes – an 18 slot and 24 slot – allowing you to choose the option that best fits your needs. Both sizes are made to fit easily into a standard filing cabinet and come with a lid to further protect your hard drives from static and other elements. Visit ProStorage.com to find out more about this excellent cold storage hard drive accessory.  Custom sizes are available!