Black Hard Drive Storage in Drawer

Hard Drive Storage Cases: Longevity and Durability

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Black Hard Drive Storage in Drawer

Hard Drive Storage Protection

Whether you run a large corporation or a small business, keeping space on your production disk can be an issue if you don’t have a data archiving system in place (throwing your old hard drives in a box or drawer and hoping for the best does not count as a system). It’s actually not that much work to archive your data and do it properly.

All you need is good hard drive storage cases. Some prefer to have software in place to categorize and catalog contents for easy finding in a search, but that’s secondary. The only thing you really need to archive safely is good hard drive storage. However, as far as safety and durability, not all hard drive storage cases are created equal.

Choosing A Hard Drive Storage Case

Many hard drive storage cases out on the market claim to offer protection, but don’t have many components that actually guard your external hard drives. If your historical data is precious enough to archive, it’s precious enough to protect well. You need to make sure you get hard drive cases that will make archiving worthwhile. No one wants to attempt to retrieve data, after years of archiving, only to find out that faulty storage boxes have caused them to lose valuable data.

There are lots of choices when shopping for a safe place to store your media. There are bargain options. There are costly options that offer more protection. There are options that come in a sleek, plastic shell and make for a modern and clean aesthetic. Choosing your hard drive storage cases is a decision that is much too important to make off of the color of a plastic shelling or to compromise quality for price (especially if there are quality options that are affordable).

ProStorage was created, not just for a product to sell, but to meet many a very specific set of needs:

  • Durability & Longevity
  • Affordability
  • Storage for High-Volume Data Archiving

Durability and Longevity

The most important of these is durability and longevity. If not, what is the point of archiving, right? The whole point is to preserve and extend the life of your inactive data so that, in the event that you ever need it, you have access.

ProStorage hard drive storage cases are made up of anti-static foam that protects your hard drives from corruption or damage. Many of those bargain cases that you find offer little more than a velvet lining inside the plastic shell. ProStorage hard drive foam serves as a shield that will preserve the life of your data.

Specific Needs

When first designing it, Michael Grecco was doing it as a solution to his needs as a photographer and filmmaker. Only after he completed the anti-static foam case and it proved to work well for his needs did he put it on the market. He knew this innovative product would meet the needs of large corporations and businesses with high-volumes of sensitive data archiving needs.

Where most hard drive storage cases on the market accommodate 10 drives or less, ProStorage houses 18-24. If that weren’t enough, the cases were designed with affordability in mind as well. The anti-static foam cases are designed to fit inside a standard filing cabinet drawer or file box, or can be custom designed to best suit your needs.

Archive Responsibly

ProStorage provides everything you could possibly want or need in hard drive storage cases. They are a tried-and-true, proven storage method for data archiving. Once you experience the peace of mind that comes with safely preserving your media, you’ll know that ProStorage hard drive cases are the only way to go.