ProStorage offers protection for RAID sled hard drives

How ProStorage Can Protect Your RAID Sled

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ProStorage offers protection for RAID sled hard drives

ProStorage Solutions for RAID Sled Protection

ProStorage hard drive storage cases are great for bare internal hard drives, LaCie Orange Rugged drives, and other external hard drives, but did you know that they can accommodate for RAID sleds as well? RAID – or Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks – drives need to be placed in a sled to be inserted into the computer, and ProStorage hard drive storage cases allow you to keep the disks loaded in the sleds while being stored, allowing for easy removal and use.

ProStorage Uses Anti-Static Foam

ProStorage cases are built to accommodate 18 to 24 hard drives, and the individual cells of anti-static foam allow each hard drive to be secure and protected. The case is lightweight but durable, and the included lid helps protect your RAID sleds from static, dust, and other environmental contaminants. Static or shock can easily compromise a hard drive or render it unusable, meaning you can lose any valuable data stored on it. The specialized foam in ProStorage products keeps that loss from happening.

ProStorage Creates a Protected Environment for Your RAID Sleds

ProStorage anti-static foam boxes provide an ideal environment for you RAID Sled, bare hard drive, or external hard drive to be stored. If your current storage situation includes stacks of hard drives on a desk, or a mountain of external hard drives, bare hard drives, or RAID Sleds piled into a box or bag, be aware that your important photos and documents are only as safe as the drives on which they are stored. Don’t compromise important files because you have an insufficient method of storing your drives. ProStorage is quick to use and will save you future headaches by avoiding preventable storage loss.

ProStorage Easily Organizes Your RAID Sleds

In addition to providing a safe storage environment, ProStorage foam cases deliver an often much-needed organization system to manage files spread over multiple hard drives. Store your RAID Sleds easily in individual cells so you can quickly find and pull a client’s wedding photos or your company’s annual reports. ProStorage cases also fit perfectly into most standard filing cabinet drawers or standard banking boxes. If you have an abundance of hard drives to be stored, you will likely benefit from the organization system.

If you are new to using multiple RAID Sleds, bare hard drives or any kind of external hard drives, or are a seasoned professional just looking to organize and protect your investments, visit the ProStorage website to learn more about products and how to order them.