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ProStorage: Why We Use Anti-Static Foam

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Why ProStorage Uses Anti-Static Foam

One of the most obvious qualities of our ProStorage hard drive storage cases is that they are pink. Hot pink. This was not merely an aesthetic design decision on our part, but a service to you, our customers, in providing the highest quality, most protective storage equipment for your hard drive needs.

But what exactly are our ProStorage containers made of and why is that important? Keep reading this blog to find out.

Anti-Static Foam: Facts & Benefits

All hard drive cases sold by ProStorage are made from a material called anti-static foam. Anti-static foam is a specialty foam that is designed specifically for the transportation and storage of electronic devices.

Unlike other lesser quality storage products, anti-static foam hard drive cases protect the integrity of your hard drives by dissipating the electrostatic discharge (ESD) that is created by other hard drives being stored in the same container.

An easy way to describe ESD is by comparing it to tiny bolts of lightning. These electric charges travel from device to device through paths like metal frames. Electrostatic charges can even travel through human contact with electronic devices! ESD will damage the internal components of electronic devices over time, which can shorten the lifespan of your internal or internal hard drives.

Anti-static foam, like the kind used to make ProStorage hard drive cases, protects your devices from these harmful electrostatic charges. The foam even protects against human contact while transporting the hard drive cases.

Our anti-static foam cases also protect hard drives against shock damage, dust, and a variety of environmental contaminants. Lightweight, durable, and easy to store, our Prostorage hard drive cases are the perfect fit to protect and store your external hard drives.

Anti-Static Foam Outperforms Other Options

Of course, there are plenty of other options for storing external hard drives, but none of them come close to comparing to the safety, security, and convenience of ProStorage. Large, hard-shell hard drive cases are bulky and difficult to store, not to mention traveling with them is hugely inconvenient.

Not only that, but hard shell cases are often more expensive than ProStorage too! The lifespan of anti-static foam is the same, if not longer than many materials used to make many other hard drives cases on the market today.

Ready to Try ProStorage for Yourself?

If you’d like to give ProStorage anti-static foam cases a try, order yours online today from We offer four different sizes to conveniently suit your needs and if you need a custom solution, we can do that too! Just contact ProStorage Consumer Sales and Support at 1.323.741.4702 or send an email to [email protected] for more information.