The Importance of Data Archiving for Media Professionals

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Photographer data archiving for photos

If you store important information for work on hard drives, consider upgrading your data archiving plan.

Data archiving has become a necessity in the media industry. As a media professional, you need to protect your digital media throughout all stages of production. Long gone are the days of film, darkrooms, and storing film on tape in a back room. Media professionals today store all of their assets digitally, and you cannot afford to lose your output and creations.

Power outages, hardware failures, software viruses, lost Internet connections, natural disasters and malicious attacks can result in the corruption or complete loss of your files, images, videos, etc. The media industry is an extremely competitive industry, and you cannot take the risk of downtime and lost production.

Can you imagine explaining to the young couple whose wedding you videotaped that it no longer exists? Or you are ready to finalize your best movie effort yet, and it is suddenly gone? Ouch!

Data Archiving and Future Access

In addition to your current professional work, you need to think about the future. Do you want your proprietary digital information accessible to family, friends, or colleagues should you be gone? Be aware that hardware and software devices change over time, and data may not be accessible in the same way it was when you created it. It is good practice to convert documents out of proprietary formats and into open formats. For example, as a media professional, you may want to save your images in a raw file format as opposed to a Photoshop PDF file.

What Are Your Options for Data Archiving?

If you are a small company or are a self-employed individual, you may not be able to handle the expense of hiring an outside party to manage your data. Even if you are a large production company and can manage the costs, you still have to worry about the reliability of an outside company to keep your assets safe and secure.

Why Choose ProStorage for Your Data Archiving Needs?

ProStorage allows you to manage your own data archiving with our specially designed closed-cell cases. These hard drive storage cases are constructed with anti-static foam and are shock-proof to protect against vibration. Each case can protect up to 24 hard drives offline and are designed to fit easily into a standard file cabinet or storage box. With our products you can label and archive your intellectual property and protect your data from physical elements and malicious intruders.

Visit our ProStorage website to see our products, and contact us to help you set up your data archiving solution today. For more information on data storage and tips from the experts, leave us a comment or continue browsing our blog.