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Unique Storage Ideas: Anti-Static Foam for Video Game Collectors

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Have You Considered Anti-Static Foam for Storing Old Video Games?

The video game industry has come a long way since the first home game consoles were released in the 1980s. Through cartridges to CDs, DVDs and Blu Rays, the formats that games came in changed just like any other entertainment medium. These days, much like music and movies, physical media in video games is becoming less common.

Now that it’s standard for new games to be released for digital download, as well as on disc, we are seeing publishers capitalizing on nostalgia and releasing classics digitally too. For many, this is a great way of reliving fond memories of the ‘80s and ‘90s, while avoiding the clutter of cartridges or discs. Older games typically have much smaller file sizes than their modern counterparts, meaning more hard drive space, faster download times and lower costs.

The Retro Experience

However, as with any long-standing hobby, there are always those of us who remain enthusiastic collectors of vintage media. Much like vinyl collectors doggedly sticking to their favored format as CDs and MP3s took over the music industry, plenty of retro video game fans still seek out dusty old consoles and classic cartridges. You might be satisfied playing a digital download of an old favorite, but, much like vinyl records, there is something unique about the tactile experience of owning the old equipment.

Unfortunately, one of the drawbacks of collecting old consoles and game cartridges is that they are especially prone to wear and tear. Game cartridges can be hard to find in their original cases, and an unboxed cartridge can be susceptible to damage from the accumulation of dust, dirt, exposure to static and moisture damage. These are also potential issues for the consoles themselves, as many would suffer a buildup of dust and grime in the cartridge slot.

A New Way of Storing Old Media

At ProStorage, our primary focus on storage for hard drives and other internal computer components – but, as a collector of older video game paraphernalia, have you considered using anti-static foam to store cartridges? The properties of anti-static foam protect internal hard drives when they are in storage, preventing them from damage through exposure to everyday hazards like dust and moisture.

In much the same way, our anti-static foam could be used to store your classic cartridges. If you still have a leftover collection from years ago, or you are actively seeking out older games and consoles, you will very likely find yourself without cases. Storing old cartridges in cabinets and drawers is fine, but it won’t protect them from dust. At this point, most of these cartridges have already suffered some damage from exposure, so storing them this way will only shorten their already limited lifespan.

Anti-Static Foam from Image Mechanics

If you use anti-static foam to store your old games, it can go a long way to getting more use out of them even decades after their initial release. The older technology gets, the more delicately it needs to be handled and cared for, and using anti-static foam is a great way of keeping your old gaming rig in working order.

If you are interested in using anti-static foam for this particularly innovative storage solution, or for more typical hard-drive and data storage, contact ProStorage today.