Why You Should Be Using Anti-Static Foam for Your Hard Drive Storage

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This powerful pink force is perfect for hard drive storage.

When it comes to hard drive storage or the storage of electronics in general, it’s vital that a storage container both protects and preserves data for a generous amount of time. Unlike all your childhood trophies and trinkets, you can’t just throw a hard drive in a box and expect it to still be usable 40 years later.

Anti-static foam is the perfect solution for anyone wanting durable and protective hard drive storage that will last for years. A worthy investment, anti-static foam may look like your typical pink foam, but it’s much more resilient.

What is it?

Anti-static foam is a powerful pink force, regardless of your opinions on the color. So if you’re wondering why serious professionals prefer the unusual pink stuff for hard drive storage over other drab, boring-colored storage options, there’s a good reason. Anti-static foam is defined by the Polyurethane Foam Association as a type of foam that is impregnated with electrically conductive materials to prevent the buildup of static electricity. It’s commonly used to package electronic products like computers, tablets, hard drives, etc.

Why It’s Great for Hard Drive Storage

Did you know that an electric charge of even just 30 volts can severely damage or destroy an electronic device? As static electricity can be a death sentence for electronics, it’s vital to have hard drive storage that can reduce or prevent static electricity buildup – which is why anti-static foam is so beneficial. In addition to being an excellent material for packaging and shipping, anti-static foam is a great hard drive storage solution. It’s shock proof durable, lightweight and highly resistant to water and mildew.

Get ProStorage for Your Own Hard Drive Storage

ProStorage is the ideal closed-cell foam solution for external hard drive storage. Made with anti-static foam, these storage boxes are perfectly sized to fit into a standard file cabinet drawer or office box. The size can even be customized to fit your individual needs! Each ProStorage hard drive storage box can either hold 18 or 24 hard drives and comes with a protective lid for additional security.

Order today and experience the amazing capabilities of anti-static foam with the ProStorage hard drive storage and archiving system. Read more about it here!