ProStorage HP24

Protects 24 Large Form Factor (LFF) 3.5 inch hard drives ASSY, FRAME, LFF, DUNK with slots slightly larger than the ProStorage 24. Originally developed for HPE.


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ProStorage HP24 is a professional hard drive storage case and archiving system to secure, protect and organize multiple form factors including:ASSY, FRAME, LFF, DUNK.  Originally developed for Hewlett Packard Enterprise for ASSY, FRAME, LFF, DUNK with slots measuring 1.14" x 4.29" x 6" in height for 3.5" LFF drives.  This unit comes with a thick lid measuring 3.25".   The ProStorage HP24 hard drive storage case is an excellent offline digital storage solution for hard drives for your home or business. Each case can hold up to 24 individual hard drives, providing protection and organization all in one! These ProStorage cases are made from lightweight, closed-cell foam, making them easy to manage. The anti-static foam helps to protect the important information stored on the internal hard drives from becoming corrupted through static electricity. ProStorage HP24 hard drive storage cases can fit into a standard 4 drawer file cabinet or a full-size banker’s box. The cases can be easily stored in other locations as well by utilizing the included lid for extra protection.

ProStorage HP24 Design

The latest solution in our line of products has been redesigned with the customer’s needs in mind. Each individual slot has been designed with finger pulls to make accessing the hard drives as easy as possible while still keeping the drives secure. The capacity of each slot measures 29mm (1.14") by 109mm (4.29"), making it perfect for a variety of different hard drives and sleds. These hard drive cases can hold multiple LFF 3.5" drives. Order your new ProStorage hard drive storage cases today!
  • Light and smart design for easy installation and management
  • Closed-cell foam protects hard drives from shock & anti-static corruption
  • Most cost-effective off-line digital storage solution
  • Perfect fit for standard file cabinet drawers and office storage boxes
  • Each anti-static ProStorage unit comes with a lid for extra protection
New and Improved – Product Design Updates:
  • Manufactured from dense 2.2lb. polyethylene for greater product durability and protection
  • Incorporates finger pulls to make accessing media drives even easier
  • Improved versatility accommodates a diverse range of drives from bare external hard drives (ASSY, FRAME, LFF, DUNK). Capacity size: 29mm x 109mm per slot
  • Outer dimensions: 23.6221" x 11.9291" x 6.75".  Lid is additional 3.25"

Technical Specifications


ProStorage HP24

Dimensions & Weight

Approximate measurements including Lid:
Length: 23.5 inches (60 cm)
Width: 11.92 inches (30 cm)
Height: 10 inches (25 cm)
Weight: 2 lbs.

Hard Drive Compatibility

3.5" Large Form Factor (ASSY, FRAME, LFF, DUNK)

Storage Space

The unit fits into a standard 4 drawer file cabinet, full “Banker's Box,” or similarly sized container if desired.

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