Introducing ProStorage Pelican inserts

"As a professional photographer and filmmaker, I never want to lose my work. That's why I created ProStorage."

Michael Grecco, the inventor of ProStorage, explains how to store and archive your internal hard drives safely and reliably using ProStorage cases, made from proprietary anti-static foam.

A Simpler, Greener, Cleaner Way to Archive

ProStorage is a breakthrough product designed specifically for secure, offline digital data storage or “cold storage.” Our products provide businesses and individuals with confidence that their data is safeguarded from potential competitor hacks and network failures, not to mention everyday dust and grime. ProStorage cases accommodate anywhere from 6 to 40 hard drives and are specially designed with closed-cell, anti-static foam to provide layered protection from static electricity and shock.

Plus ProStorage simplifies archiving by eliminating the need to store tangled cables, cords, and metal drive cases. Just label your valuable hard drives and store them in ProStorage protective cases that fit neatly in a locked file cabinet or safe, and you’re done.

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The Leader in Digital Cold Storage™

The rapid increase and growth of digital content has placed an urgency on how to safely, effectively and efficiently store and archive digital information. ProStorage leads the way in reliable, effective offline digital data storage solutions that protect against potential system failures, file corruption and security issues. Additionally, our green cold storage methods lessen the negative environmental impact by reducing bulky external hard drive casings, cables and paraphernalia associated with other traditional and costly archiving methods. We are happy to be the leader in digital cold storage.

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Who Uses ProStorage?

Businesses invest a great deal of money and time collecting and curating digital data. Any losses due to file corruption and security breaches are costly and stressful. Cold storage, which keeps essential data offline and unreachable by hackers, can be part of the answer. Implementing ProStorage systems means major returns on investment, especially when considering the affordability and ease of use of our products. Our systems provide a streamlined, effective solution to all of your digital data storage needs.

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Cold Storage vs. Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is all the rage, but there are significant drawbacks to consider. For one, there are concerns with the safety and privacy of important data stored online. Are you 100% certain that it can’t be accessed by anyone else? If you have many hard drives’ worth of data to archive, cloud storage can be expensive and upload and retrieval can be slow. If your most important digital files are archived offline in cold storage, they are safe from hackers and immediately accessible – guaranteed.

Another issue is accessibility. With cloud storage, if your internet connection is down, you cannot access your data. With cold storage, your data is at your fingertips.

Best of both worlds, many organizations and individual professionals choose to mirror their files both online in the cloud and offline in cold storage. For historical files, this may be the smartest solution of all. By taking your valuable digital data and back ups offline, you make them virtually inaccessible to others – and make a comprehensive disaster recovery plan possible.

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