The ProStorage Story
A note from the founder and inventor

As a professional photographer and filmmaker, I never want to lose my work. Storing digital files properly is at the forefront of any well-run business survival plan. So when Image Mechanics, the digital lab that was responsible for capturing and retouching terabytes of images and video, needed a way to inexpensively and securely store our client’s files, the ProStorage hard drive cases were born. ProStorage is our in-house solution for redundant and safe file storage that makes retrieving images possible.

As a company, we are not paid extra to store images; we just consider it our responsibility. So we needed a solution that was affordable and effective. We then reduced the elements down to their lowest common denominator, the highest quality medium to store on and the safest, most organized way to store the drives. Using the ProStorage hard drive cases, we began keeping two sets of drives in two separate places off-line. This became the way our company has stored all their data ever since. The system has never failed us in the over 10 years we have been using it as a company and during my own personal use as a photographer and filmmaker.

– Michael Grecco

We Continue to Grow
The leader in digital cold storage

Once Michael was satisfied with his design for personal use, he patented it and began to offer ProStorage hard drive cases to the mass market.

Since our launch, corporations, technology companies and major governments and institutions in the education and healthcare industries have used ProStorage. Professional photographers and self-employed artists also utilize our cases for their businesses.

We pride ourselves on offering affordable offline storage options for your most valuable digital assets to maximize protection and organizational efforts while preventing costly loss of time and financial investments through system crashes, file misplacements and data breaches. With the ProStorage system, we offer you peace of mind in knowing that your files are stored safely, ready and waiting for your use at the exact moment you need them.

Additionally, check out for additional information on the latest, time-tested methods for archiving digital data assets for the greatest benefit to the user, with both cost and convenience in mind.