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Mar 28, 2017

External Storage for Filmmakers

External Storage Can Be Extremely Beneficial to Filmmakers Filmmaking is not an easy process and can be arduous at times. It can also be incredibly rewarding. That’s why all your shots and content is invaluable. Tons of creative time and effort goes into making a final product, and losing anything can be devastating. This is

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Mar 22, 2017

The Importance of Data Archiving for the Military

Data Archiving is Crucial for the Military Data archiving is important for many different industries but is especially crucial for the military. Military information ranks among the most sensitive information possible. Because of this, we wouldn’t recommend our ProStorage systems for military use unless we had the utmost confidence in their effectiveness. We completely stand

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Mar 15, 2017

ProStorage Recommendations: LaCie Orange Rugged

ProStorage Recommends LaCie Orange Rugged Although our ProStorage systems fit a wide variety of external hard drives we still like to recommend some of our favorites. The LaCie Orange Rugged drive is definitely one of our favorite drives on the market. Characterized by its striking orange color, the LaCie Orange Rugged gives you the best

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Mar 08, 2017

The Importance of Data Archiving for the Medical Industry

Data Archiving is Highly Useful in the Medical Industry Medical facilities carry tons of sensitive information. Patient information and medical records are some of the important documents that are stored on their computers. Medical centers can greatly benefit from data archiving. If there was a catastrophic event or technical system failure, the invaluable information they

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External Storage Has Improved Since the Days of Low Memory HDD Jan 30, 2017

External Storage for Photographers

Best Type of External Storage for Photographers In today’s world, digital memory and digital files hold so much of life’s precious moments and most important decisions. Whether you want to preserve a photo shoot in a foreign country or you only want to have access to your billing information for the last few years, you

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Static Electricity Can Destroy Your External Hard Drives Jan 24, 2017

Can Static Electricity Destroy Your External Hard Drive?

External Hard Drives & Static Electricity ProStorage external hard drive storage cases are organizational and storage containers made of anti-static foam. It might surprise some people to hear that electrostatic discharge (ESD) or static electricity will destroy your hard drive and other electronic devices. ProStorage focuses on keeping your information, your photos, and your life’s

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External Hard Drive Is a Better Option than These Other Devices Jan 18, 2017

Why Photographers Should Still Use External Hard Drives

The Argument for Photographers to Use External Hard Drives Before the digital era of film and photography, your perfect shot could get destroyed or damaged in many different ways. Someone could accidentally expose your roll of film to the light or improperly mix the chemicals in the dark room. Sometimes these mistakes were salvageable, sometimes

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RAID Storage External Hard Drive Jan 09, 2017

What Are RAID External Hard Drives?

External Hard Drives Explained: What Is RAID Storage? When considering external hard drives and external storage options, you might come across the term RAID or RAID storage. Some of us might immediately conjure images of bug spray and upended spiders, but RAID in the technical world of computers is the furthest thing from harmful. The

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Dec 23, 2016

Why Foam is the Best Choice for a Hard Drive Case

Hard Drive Case Materials When you think of a hard drive case, what typically comes to mind? Is it a hard shell box? A soft-shell, wallet type case? Or something else? The truth is, most people probably don’t think about foam as being a viable option for a hard drive case, but the opposite couldn’t

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Dec 19, 2016

ProStorage: Why We Use Anti-Static Foam

Why ProStorage Uses Anti-Static Foam One of the most obvious qualities of our ProStorage hard drive storage cases is that they are pink. Hot pink. This was not merely an aesthetic design decision on our part, but a service to you, our customers, in providing the highest quality, most protective storage equipment for your hard

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