Government & Military Hard Drive Cases

World nations spend valuable time and resources developing detailed political and military platforms and infrastructure strategies – they cannot afford the financial losses and damage caused by being forced to step down because classified documents, logistical information, personnel records or operations data falls into the wrong hands or becomes compromised due to poor systems diligence. That’s where ProStorage’s hard drive cases come into play.

ProStorage provides top-tier offline data storage systems – hard drive cases safe from unauthorized individuals and nosy radicals. ProStorage’s closed cell, durable and anti-static foam hard drive cases offer the added bonuses of an intuitive method to archiving and protection against shock and static corruption. The ProStorage system has also proven to be a valuable archiving asset while decommissioning a server, or for e-discovery cases. Additionally, the system can help reduce your storage footprint, allow for efficient recycling and reuse of external cases and wiring, and is easily scalable and provides a comprehensive strategy for digital cold storage of the most sensitive assets and data.

Secure your confidential assets.

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Who else benefits from ProStorage?

ProStorage systems deliver major returns on investment, especially when considering the affordability and ease of use of our products, as compared to the potential costly expenses that may occur due to the loss of digital data, file corruption or security breaches.