Hard Drive Cases for Healthcare Companies

Medical and healthcare organizations house some of the most confidential and private information – from patient medical records to drug trials – all of which must be stored safely and securely. Without ProStorage, this important digital data is open to security breaches. Storing only hard drives reduce a healthcare company’s valuable storage space, and allows for the recycle and reuse of hard drive cases and wiring.

The ProStorage system provides these healthcare institutions with the confidence that sensitive data is protected and archived safely and securely. The system is easily scalable and our 18 and 24 hard drive cases offer medical organizations the safety of cold digital data storage, while also protecting against static and shock by organizing hard drives into specially designed cases composed of durable, closed-cell, anti-static foam. Additionally, the ProStorage system has proven to be a valuable archiving asset when decommissioning a server, or during e-discovery cases.

You’re in the business of saving lives. Let us be your life saver in the event of a digital emergency.

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Who else benefits from ProStorage?

ProStorage systems deliver major returns on investment, especially when considering the affordability and ease of use of our products, as compared to the potential costly expenses that may occur due to the loss of digital data, file corruption or security breaches.