Personal Archiving Hard Drive Storage

Do you have mass amounts of digital tax data and old medical records and struggle with how best to store and organize these files securely? Or maybe you find yourself capturing and saving every moment in time, leaving you with large video and photo files. Or you simply want to protect all of your private data and yourself from identity theft?

ProStorage is the best solution for the safe hard drive storage of your digital data – from sensitive personal data to your favorite memories. Our offline, closed shell cases are shock and anti-static resistant, lightweight and fit perfectly into the drawers of a standard file cabinet. It is a hard drive storage case and system designed to keep you organized, safe and worry-free.

Don’t want archive on a new system but you use LaCie Rugged Drives? ProStorage safely protects LaCie Orange Rugged Drives as well.

You cannot put a value on your personal data or precious photos. We want to help you keep data safe for a lifetime by providing you with a cost-effective hard drive storage solution. With ProStorage, your valuable data is available to you when you want and need it most.

Get organized and secure your personal data.

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Who else benefits from ProStorage?

ProStorage systems deliver major returns on investment, especially when considering the affordability and ease of use of our products, as compared to the potential costly expenses that may occur due to the loss of digital data, file corruption or security breaches.