Frequently Asked Questions

What's the major benefits of the ProStorage system?
File protection, both physically and digitally, is of utmost importance to every business, from military to media. Our off-line, durable anti-static foam cases are designed to keep your hard drives well-organized, safe from hackers and protected from static corruption and shock damage.

  • Light and smart design for easy installation and management
  • Closed-cell foam protects hard drives from shock and anti-static corruption
  • Most cost-effective off-line digital storage solution
  • Perfect fit for standard file cabinet drawers and office storage boxes

What is Digital Cold StorageTM, and why is it a great archiving solution for digital media?
Digital cold storage is a method of off-line archiving in a physical sense, so as to protect digital assets from active file corruption and potential data hacks. This solution keeps files safe from being lost in a system crash or stolen online. It also provides an alternative method for archiving hard drives.

What is ProStorage made out of?
ProStorage is specially designed with durable closed-cell, anti-static Polyethylene 2.2 foam to protect your drives from anti-static corruption and shock damage, while providing layered protection and an intuitive method of archiving.

Do you offer any storage systems that can hold more than 18 or 24 hard drives?
The largest ProStorage system for 3.5" (HDD and SSD) drives we offer is the ProStorage 24 that can hold up to 24 hard drives.  We also now offer a 6 slot along with the 18 slot case for 3.5"drives as well as the 8, 32 and 40 slot cases for 2.5" laptop drives, and 6, 18 and 24 slot cases for LTO Tape drives.

Do ProStorage cases fit 2.5" drives and LTO tape drives?
Yes!  Our newest products, which are available in Dec 2016, fit 2.5" Laptop drives and LTO Tape drives.  Email us at [email protected] any other new product developments or custom order requests.

Will these systems provide sufficient padding for storage on-the-go in the routine of typical daily wear?
Yes, ProStorage is a specially designed closed cell storage system made with durable foam to protect your drives from static electricity, shock and average everyday wear.

Is the ProStorage system waterproof, fire proof or bullet proof?
No. The anti-static foam will not absorb water, but it will not keep it out either. It is not fire or bulletproof.

How heavy are the storage systems before and after being filled?
The ProStorage units themselves average about a pound and each drive is approximately one pound, give or take. Please note that the weight of most hard drives varies.

Where can I find other recommended products to use with the ProStorage system?
Additional products that are used to save your data with the ProStorage system can be found on our blog page,

Do your products come in any colors other than pink?
Currently, the ProStorage systems are only available in pink.

Ordering, Shipping and Returns

My product arrived damaged. Can I return it for a new one?
We apologize for your inconvenience. Yes, please contact Customer Sales and Support and we will be happy to help. Please email [email protected] with your request or call us between 9am and 5pm PST, Monday-Friday, at +1.323.741.4702 to speak with one of our representatives who will provide assistance for where to send your damaged product and when to expect the arrival of your replacement.

What is your return policy for online orders through the ProStorage website?

  • Returns must be made within 30 days of purchase date
  • Returned products must be in their original packaging
  • Only products in new, unused condition can be returned for a refund
  • Customers returning products are responsible for all return freight charges
  • Customers will not be refunded outbound shipping charges unless the product is defective
  • Products returned for refund must be of current product design & specifications
  • Used items, Special orders, bulk orders and non-standard merchandise are not returnable for a refund

Where can I find a list of shipping options and costs?
Shipping costs will be calculated upon checkout once you enter in your zip code information.

How long will it take to receive my product after I place my order on
We offer standard flat rate delivery of 5 - 7 business days for all U.S. purchases and standard international delivery rates for all orders made from outside the United States. Priority Overnight shipping options are also available for both domestic and international orders as an option when checking-out with your purchase.

Do I get a discount for buying in bulk?
Applicable volume discounts will be applied at check-out. Please email additional inquiries to us at [email protected] or call +1.323.741.4702.

Is there a physical location where I can get a feel for the product in-person before purchasing?
ProStorage products are only available online via our main website or from one of our authorized retailers or resell distributions. To learn more about these vendors, please visit the Find a Authorized Reseller page of our website.

Where can I find a list or links to all retailers that sell ProStorage products?
All ProStorage products can be purchased directly from or from an authorized retailer or distributor listed here on the Find a Authorized Reseller page of our website.

Do you ship ProStorage products overseas?
Yes. All ProStorage products can be shipped internationally from our US distribution center. We do have plans to expand our distribution centers to the European market in the future.

How do I get in touch with customer sales and support?
You can easily connect with our customer service representatives by emailing [email protected] with your inquiry or by calling +1.323.741.4702 between 9am and 5pm PST, Monday – Friday.

Archiving Tips

Where can I find information and tips on how to most efficiently and effectively archive my data?
For more information on how to archive and store hard-drives, visit our blog at

Authorized Reseller / Retailer and Distribution

Where can I learn more about reseller distribution?
ProStorage products are available for reseller distribution. Please contact our distribution partner, Ingram Micro, with all related inquires at 714.566.1000 or [email protected].

ProStorage™ Affiliate Program

How can I become a ProStorage Affiliate?
To get information on how to become a ProStorage Marketing Affiliate please visit our Become a Marketing Affiliate page.

What are the benefits of becoming a ProStorage Marketing Affiliate?
The ProStorage Affiliate Marketing Program is a performance-based marketing program designed to reward affiliates whose customers purchase ProStorage products. For further information, please contact [email protected].