Corporate & Industrial Hard Drive Storage

You pay your employees for the value they bring to your business, from client services to design to invested time. What would happen if your competitors could get their hands on all of that proprietary data? Or compromise an employee’s personal information?

Hacking is a top concern for corporations and businesses, especially as our world continues to become more and more dependent upon digital data. ProStorage hard drive storage fulfills the need for companies to archive and store data in a space immune to security breaches. Not only do major corporations risk losing proprietary information and the competitive advantages gained from its use, but competitive hacks result in devastating financial losses. Additionally, the ProStorage system has proven to be a valuable archiving asset when decommissioning a server, or during e-discovery cases.

Our 18 and 24 hard drive storage cases provide the best solution to offline digital data storage. Organizing your external hard drives into our shock resistant, anti-static foam cases allows you to keep your digital assets safe from physical damage and securely archive them to eliminate the risk of potential security breaches. Not only does storing only the hard drives reduce an organization’s storage footprint, but it also allows for the recycle and reuse of external hard drive cases and wires.

The system is easily scalable and provides a comprehensive strategy for digital cold storage of your most sensitive assets and data. You invested a lot of time and money to create your data – don’t allow it to be taken away from you.

Integrate ProStorage cases into business operations

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Who else benefits from ProStorage?

ProStorage systems deliver major returns on investment, especially when considering the affordability and ease of use of our products, as compared to the potential costly expenses that may occur due to the loss of digital data, file corruption or security breaches.