ProStorage LTO 24

Protects 24 LTO Tapes


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ProStorage LTO 24 is a professional hard drive storage case and archiving system to secure, protect and organize bare internal LTO Tapes.

  • Light and smart design for easy installation and management
  • Closed-cell foam protects tapes from shock & anti-static corruption
  • Most cost-effective off-line digital storage solution
  • Perfect fit for standard file cabinet drawers and office storage boxes
  • Each anti-static ProStorage unit comes with a lid for extra protection

New Product:

  • Manufactured from dense 2.2lb. polyethylene for greater product durability and protection
  • Incorporates finger pulls to make accessing media tapes even easier
  • Accommodates 24 LTO Tapes (Capacity size: up to 21.59mm x 105.41mm per slot)
  • Outer dimensions: 23.6221″ x 11.9291″ x 6.9375″.  Lid is additional 1.9375″

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Technical Specifications


ProStorage LTO 24

Dimensions & Weight

Approximate measurements including Lid:
Length: 23.62 inches (60 cm)
Width: 11.92 inches (30 cm)
Height: 9 inches (23 cm)
Weight: 2.12 lbs.

Hard Drive Compatibility

This unit fits 24 LTO Tapes

Storage Space

The unit fits into a standard 4 drawer file cabinet, full “Banker's Box,” or similarly sized container if desired.

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