Hard Drive Storage Systems

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Let’s discuss hard drive storage systems. Today we use our computers for everything from paying bills to running a business to saving snapshots of our lives. Yet, all of that valuable data we trustingly store on our hard drives can easily be lost. Even if we try to backup our data regularly, we could even face the loss of those backups if we do not have a secure and safe data storage management system. Thankfully there is a solution.

The solution is called the ProStorage anti-static foam system. This hard drive storage system allows you to use internal hard drives for your data storage management. These drives are then stored in pink antistatic foam designed specifically to safely protect these drives while giving you the option of keeping them protected and organized inside a file cabinet drawer or banker box so you can access the saved files quickly and easily. Obviously, this solution has a number of cost advantages over other backup methods but, more importantly, this method is also more secure for several reasons.

The ProStorage Hard Drive Storage System

Stored outside of your computer – In the event of theft or system failure, having your data backed up on a second internal drive or on a partitioned portion of your hard drive within the computer doesn’t do you any good. The data is likely to be damaged or to become inaccessible. Even worse, a thief can easily gain access to your irreplaceable files. By using a data storage management system that keeps the data safe outside the computer, you reduce your risk of loss tremendously since thieves, viruses, and computer failures no longer pose a threat.

Improved Performance

External hard drives tend to run hot when connected to computers; likewise, internal hard drives inside the computer run a lot and get very hot. As a result, both have higher rates of failure and that failure spells data loss. When the internal drives are stored in the protective foam, they stay cool and their inner workings stay in good shape so they last longer and won’t endanger your data.

Greater Security

While you can lock up your computer, laptop, or external hard drives, chances are good you don’t. Even if you have some kind of safe or secure box where you could put these valuable items, you probably also don’t shy away from taking your laptop or even your external hard drives out of your home or office. With the ProStorage data storage management system, you can keep those internal hard drives under lock and key in a file cabinet drawer. That makes it easier to keep safe and less likely to be stolen.

Improved Backup

Along with the protective foam for the internal drives, you also get detailed instructions on how to keep your data safer than normal. For example, you should always keep a duplicate backup on another internal hard drive so if one fails you will have another copy of your data readily available. These instructions and tips can make a big difference in the security of your data storage management.

Improving your Hard Drive Storage System

The bottom line is if you’re concerned about losing important data – and everyone should be – then the ProStorage anti-static foam system offers an alternative that is easy, convenient, and affordable. When it comes to secure data storage management, this system is the superior choice.