The Importance of Data Archiving for Educational Institutions

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As a part of higher learning, you know the need for data archiving for your educational institution.

Data archiving in higher education has become a big business. In addition to the traditional maintaining of student records, the amount of digital information generated by students has skyrocketed. New technologies have allowed students to easily create and upload assignments, files, videos and discussions to content-management systems and cloud-based systems. All of this data must be archived, made accessible, AND kept secure from intruders and hackers. From one glitch, system crash, or malicious attack, your institution could lose years of valuable data.

Educational institutions must abide by increasingly demanding regulatory procedures related to data storage. For example, one such requirement comes by way of The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), created to protect student records. This act allows parents of students over the age of 18 in post-secondary schools the right to access their records, and it give them the right to the privacy of their records.

In addition, the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) requires that public institutions maintain and protect electronically stored information; it has to be made accessible upon request.

Why Should I Choose ProStorage for My Data Archiving Needs?

This big responsibility typically comes with a small budget to work with. With strained college campus budgets, school administration and IT department staff are struggling to manage the demands of ongoing storage and protection.

This is where ProStorage enters the picture. We can help you tailor a data archiving solution that meets your educational institution’s needs. We provide storage capacity and protection with our specially designed 18 and 24 hard drive storage cases.

Our hard drive storage cases are made of closed-cell, durable, anti-static foam; it will protect your data from mainframe crashes and damage from shock. They are designed to fit easily in standard filing cabinets or office storage boxes for easy storage.

With our system and products, you can be assured that your data archiving requirements will be met. Your data will be accessible; at the same time, they will be safe from damage and malicious activity. As an educational institution, you can go back to focusing on what you do best: training our future leaders.

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