ProStorage protects LaCie Orange Rugged Drives from damage and destruction

Why Use ProStorage With Your LaCie Orange Rugged Drive?

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ProStorage protects LaCie Orange Rugged Drives from damage and destruction

LaCie Orange Rugged Drive Improves with ProStorage

The LaCie Orange Rugged drive is the choice of many professionals who need a drive that is durable in the toughest conditions. Being drop resistant, shock resistant, and fairly easy to access, it is a popular choice among photographers out on intense shoots, as well as professionals on film or music sets where the elements can destroy a regular hard drive. ProStorage hard drive storage cases are the ideal way to store these drives.

ProStorage Provides Protection

Obviously one of the appeals of the LaCie Orange Rugged Drive is that it is sturdier than most other drives. If you were dashing through a field filming a scene or balancing on a platform photographing the crowd below and the drive happened to slip from your case, it would probably be okay. However, the LaCie Orange Rugged Drive is not indestructible. Water damage, dust, and other elements can still destroy the hard drive and the valuable data stored on them. Multiple hard drives tossed into a bag or drawer is risky as any of a number of environmental factors, such as static and water, could easily creep in and destroy a drive or make it unusable.

One of the best ways to keep your hard drive safe is by storing it properly. ProStorage light-weight anti-static foam cases can store anywhere from 18 to 24 hard drives in individual cells, keeping them separate and organized. The case includes a storage lid for extra protection. ProStorage has specially designed cases that are made to fit the LaCie Orange Rugged Drive, as well as other types of bare and external hard drives. No matter your hard drive of choice, ProStorage is the ideal way to protect it.

ProStorage Provides Organization

On top of providing a static-free dust-free environment, ProStorage cases can help you organize and archive your LaCie Orange Rugged Drives, as well as any other hard drives. If you have your photos, videos, or documents stored across a number of external hard drives, organization can be key to accessing your data quickly and keeping your customers happy. ProStorage cases include individual cells for each hard drive, and the cases themselves can be easily fit into most filing cabinets or other storage areas like filing boxes.

If you use LaCie Orange Rugged Drives and are looking for the perfect storage method that provides both protection and organization of your personal and/or business files, contact ProStorage today.