Better Backups with Hard Drives

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If your hard drive contains data you can’t afford to lose, you need to consider having a method for backing up that important data. You can have more secure and simply better backups with hard drives. After all, a virus or computer failure could wipe all of that data away in seconds. Or if you use a laptop for most of your professional and personal activities then all of your data could end up in the hands of a thief before you even realize your computer has been stolen. And let’s not forget that hard drives fail, especially when they are in constant use inside your computer. The good news is there is a way to use hard drives for backup that protects you from these types of data loss while also letting you keep your data well-organized, conveniently stored, and affordably protected.

Better Backups with Hard Drives

The answer is the ProStorage anti-static foam system. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on external hard drives, you can purchase more affordable internal hard drives just like the ones inside your computer. You then use these internal drives for storing your data. That’s where the system comes in. These internal hard drives can be stored in protective antistatic foam just like the material used for safely shipping these drives. The foam padding is designed to fit into standard file cabinet drawers or banker boxes so you can keep it nearby and easily accessible without cluttering up your office or home with external hard drives and their accompanying USB cords. When you need to access the data on your internal drives, you can slide them into any SATA reader or our DualDock.

The ProStorage system even comes with instructions on how to archive your data effectively on the drives so you can find it quickly and easily.

But you may be wondering why it wouldn’t simply be easier to use external hard drives for backup. There are several reasons why the ProStorage method makes a better choice:

1. Price

As mentioned above, external hard drives are usually more expensive than internal hard drives. That also means you can get more storage room for the same price by investing in internal drives.

2. Reliability

External hard drives tend to get very hot and that heat can cause early drive failure. By using internal drives and by storing them outside the computer, you can increase the life expectancy of the drives and protect the stored data longer.

3. Convenience

Have you ever tried quickly looking through several large external hard drives for a specific file? Or have you ever tried to conveniently store several of these external drives? Both tend to cause hassles because organizing data on and safely storing these drives isn’t easy. By using internal hard drives for backup with the ProStorage system, you’ll be able to find what you need easily and store all of your drives conveniently.

4. Flexibility

You can choose the ProStorage system size that best fits your available space and your storage size (the system can hold up to 18 or up to 24 standard 3.5” SATA drives). Try finding an easy way to store that many external hard drives!


If you’re interesting in creating better backups with hard drives of your irreplaceable data then consider the ProStorage anti-static foam system as the better alternative to external drives.