A New Way To Store Hard Drives

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Are you looking for a new way to store hard drives?

Think for a moment about everything you have saved on your computer’s hard drive: professional documents, personal files, entertainment, photos, and more. In moments you could lose all of those files forever. The good news is you can be proactive in protecting your irreplaceable information with an easier and more effective backup data storage solution – a new and better way to store hard drives.

How to Store Hard Drives

The ProStorage anti-static foam storage solutions allows you to store large quantities of data in ways that protect those files from any type of potential threat from computer theft to system failure. Plus, this method gives you greater flexibility than other options while still being more affordable than other solutions.

The ProStorage container is actually pink antistatic foam designed to fit inside either banker filing boxes or file cabinets. You can then store multiple internal hard drives within the foam compartments for both greater protection and easy access. The foam is the same material used for shipping internal hard drives so the drives will be safe in storage. If you need to access the saved data on one of these internal hard drives, you can simply remove it from the foam protection and either place them into a standard SATA hard drive reader attached to your computer or into our DualDock. Both options will give you access to your stored data quickly and conveniently.

Not only does the ProStorage anti-static foam system provide a great method for protecting your backup data storage but it also comes with detailed instructions on how to make archiving your data easier. Simply put, it’s a greate way to store hard drives. Having an easy archival system will help you easily find the files you want. While that may not seem difficult when you’re dealing with one or two hard drives, this system comes in two sizes that hold up to 18 or up to 24 internal hard drives. That means you can have a lot of backup data storage, and this system will help you navigate that storage to access the files you need when you need them while also giving you the peace of mind of knowing your irreplaceable data will be there when you need it.

Compared to other methods of backup data storage, the ProStorage anti-static foam system provides greater protection for your data while also saving you money. You have the flexibility of using multiple internal hard drives for your organizing your data, and you can – thanks to the antistatic pink protective foam – keep those drives nearby in a standard file cabinet drawer or in a bankers filing box. That makes the system much easier than juggling dozens of external hard drives, paying exorbitant fees to backup your files in cloud storage, or risking the loss of your important data.

With the help of the ProStorage storage solutions, you won’t have to worry about losing your information in the event your computer is stolen, your computer stops working, or you need to reformat your computer. You’ll never have to worry about living through the nightmare of data loss whe you use the ProStorage system to store hard drives.