Static Electricity Can Destroy Your External Hard Drives

Can Static Electricity Destroy Your External Hard Drive?

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Static Electricity Can Destroy Your External Hard Drives

External Hard Drives & Static Electricity

ProStorage external hard drive storage cases are organizational and storage containers made of anti-static foam. It might surprise some people to hear that electrostatic discharge (ESD) or static electricity will destroy your hard drive and other electronic devices. ProStorage focuses on keeping your information, your photos, and your life’s work safe and organized. Our external hard drive foam accomplishes this by keeping reducing the risk of static buildup. Read on to find out how static discharge can destroy your external hard drive.

How Does Static Electricity Work?

Static electricity begins on the atomic level. You probably remember something about protons and electrons in school, right? Electrons produce a negative charge and protons produce a positive charge. When the number of electrons equals the number of protons, the atoms has a neutral charge.


Static is easy to conceptualize in simple terms. Electrons orbit the dense center of the atom. When two objects rub against each other, electrons get dislodged from their orbit.The two object trade electrons. The object that leaves the encounter with fewer electrons than before now has a positive charge. The object that leaves the encounter with more electrons than before now has a negative charge. You know the shock you feel when you touch something after rubbing your socks against the carpet? This shock occurs when the buildup of either positive or negative charge leaves your body and enters the object you touched.

How Dangerous Is Static Electricity?

It may not seem too dangerous, but static electricity accounts for some of the most dangerous and beautiful natural displays: lightning. Lightning occurs when a cloud is charged with static energy. The charge must neutralize, and high-powered charges reach down to the earth to ground the cloud, causing dazzling displays of jagged light. Less bold but still dangerous, minor shocks in your fingers and hands can damage equipment sensitive to electricity. External hard drives, though usually covered in a plastic casing, are sensitive to static electricity. If you keep your external storage in an environment where your hard drive builds up a static charge, you are putting your information and work in danger.

Keep External Hard Drives Safe with ProStorage

We designed our external hard drive storage cases with protection in mind. Our anti-static foam keeps your equipment organized and safe. You can slide your hard drives into the foam without worrying about adding a dangerous charge to your device. Protect your memories and your livelihood with ProStorage.