data archiving to protect holiday family pictures

Why Data Archiving Protects Your Family Memories

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Protecting Family Memories with Data Archiving

Although data archiving sounds like something only large corporations would need to do for efficiency’s sake, it’s actually a very valuable practice at home too — especially if you prefer to protect and preserve family photos and videos.

Data archiving, in layman’s terms, is simply moving data from one device to another for the purpose of long-term storage. Data archiving allows you to preserve videos, photos, music files, spreadsheets, and other types of documents, so they remain uncompromised and can be easily accessed for later use.

But how is this important and vital for families who may not have hoards of data?

Benefits of Data Archiving for Family Memories

  • Organization: Staying organized can be difficult. Let’s be honest — even keeping the house clean can be an impossible task some weeks. But keeping your family’s memories organized doesn’t have to be. Consistently following a simple and easy data archiving system can help you store and organize photos and videos as you create them. This means, your data will always be kept secure and organized, without you having to do a full overhaul of thousands of photos and videos all at once. Talk about a time-saver.
  • Accessibility: When your high school senior finally makes it to graduation week and you’re still trying to find and scan old photos for his graduation party slideshow, things can get stressful. Instead, how easy would it be to just open your ProStorage hard drive case, grab the drive labeled “John 2013-2016” and easily access and use all his football photos, class field trips, and his first day of high school. That’s the ease of data archiving.
  • Space. Moving all your family’s old memories to external hard drives also frees up space on your devices to take and keep more memories! This means you’ll never reach a point where your storage is full and you have to delete old photos and videos to store the new ones.

Data archiving may sound like a fancy term that’s too complicated for the average person to regularly achieve, but in reality, the opposite couldn’t be more true. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be a “tech-savvy” individual, you can learn how to archive and access your data quickly and easily.

Many professionals and nonprofessionals alike have already experienced the ease and simplicity of data archiving, especially with the aid of ProStorage hard drive cases. When will you give it a try?

If you have questions about data archiving or how to best care for your external hard drives, browse our How to Archive blog for more tips and tricks to help you on your way. ProStorage hard drive storage containers are also available for sale on our website in several different sizes. Feel free to contact ProStorage if you need more information about our products.

Until then, happy archiving!