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How to Replace a Hard Drive – Video Tutorial

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In today’s modern world there is on how to that many of never thought we would need:

How to Replace a Hard Drive

We usually talk about data storage and backing up your precious data on this site, but sometime you need a little more. In the above video you’ll learn the basics that you will need to know so you can replace a damaged, dying or dead (hopefully not before you backed up your data) or under performing hard drive. It’s true. Anyone can learn how to replace a hard drive.

There are typically two reasons that you’ll need to replace your computer’s hard drive.

Your current hard drive has suffered a catastrophic hardware failure and needs replaced or
you need a hard drive that is faster and has more storage.

Replacing a hard drive is simple enough that even someone scared of their computer (or all technology for that matter) can do it with a little guidance. Hang in there, you can learn to do this.

If you’re looking for more space on your hard drive, think about installing a second hard drive in your computer. This is also where having a killer data backup system comes in handy. You don’t really need a larger primary drive if you are strategically backing up and archiving your data.

You might ask yourself, “How Do I Replace a Hard Drive?”

Before you even start to replace your hard drive, the most important thing you need to do is backup any data you want to keep. Once you do this, the rest is accomplished in 3 more easy steps:

  1. Uninstall the old hard drive
  2. Install the new hard drive
  3. restore your backed up data

The specific steps you’ll need to follow when you replace a hard drive can be a little different depending on what kind of hard drive you’re replacing. But the video on this page gives you very good general information on how to replace a hard drive.