Why Use a Portable External Hard Drive?

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Learn about the many benefits to using an external hard drive.

When it comes down to it, choosing between an internal hard drive and an external hard drive is really based on you and your preferences. While using an internal hard drive requires that you are tech savvy enough to actually install it, there are many pros and cons to using one or the other.

Today, we’re going to talk about the benefits of using a portable external hard drive. Besides the fact that external data is extremely convenient, here are a few additional reasons you may consider investing in external data storage.

More storage

Flash drives can range from 4 GB to 128 GB and the amount of storage they provide varies based on the size of the files you’re storing. Even so, a professional photographer storing large, high quality photos will reach a flash drive’s storage capacity much quicker than with an external hard drive.  Curious as to just how much data an external hard drive can store? According to Seagate Technology, a 500 GB external hard drive can store:

  • 8,330 hours of MP3s
  • 160,000 photos
  • 500 hours of video
  • 125 DVDs

Additionally, a 2 TB external hard drive can store:

  • 33,320 hours of MP3s
  • 640,000 photos
  • 2,000 hours of video
  • 500 DVDs

More flexibility

An external hard drive offers a degree of flexibility that are very advantageous, especially for working media professionals. Besides the fact that the user can choose from a variety of capacities, external drives can also be used with an empty enclosure inside a computer, regardless of the hard drive’s size. This makes external storage an even more convenient option.

More speed

Professional video producers and photographers are often encountered with the need to work faster, even with bigger files. And when video editing and transfer is too slow, clients get frustrated. An external hard drive connected to a computer with Firewire can transfer data at 400 megabits per second, guaranteeing extremely fast data transfers and video editing every time. Not only is the job made easier, but clients are happy with a seamless shoot that runs smoothly.

More portability

The portability of an external hard drive appeals to individuals in any field, not just professional media creators. Photo or video shoots on the go are made easy with portable data storage and doesn’t require updating limited storage space on a computer.

External hard drive organization

Archiving and organizing your files is simple if you use an external hard drive case like ProStorage. Large corporations, government agencies and schools are all examples of groups that would benefit from external hard drives and storage cases. ProStorage both secures and protects external drives while boasting an extremely easy to use, organized system. Each case is made with durable anti-static foam and they are designed to fit into a standard file cabinet draw or office box. Order yours here!